The Stochastic Game

Ramblings of General Geekery

French people know what’s up around this time of year… if you’re allergic to almonds, stay away from us this week!

Delta Green dump from the local green box! Dossiers for ongoing operations, undercover attire for New York, and standard Canadian federal apparel!

Today I learned about “Idaho stops” which, I agree with the author here, are what I often do and should be more commonly passed into law. Anyway, here are some “Laws of Bicycling Survival” that seem sensible to me.

Hahaha the leaked new D&D OGL revoking the previous OGL… it’s either a fake, or WotC has bigger balls than I thought (which incidentally makes them a better target for ball-kicking)

I watched Koko-di Koko-da yesterday and… wooo this is a really strange movie. Not sure yet if I liked it or not 😅 But I did like the music box characters, they’re fun and creepy!