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A bit more about The Fantasy Trip: the box is *packed*. And it’s always interesting to me when an “implied setting” gets slowly fleshed out with a map and locale or two. Plus: MEGAHEXES! (disclaimer: megahexes was a bad idea) #ttrpg

The Fantasy Trip is a giant box that reprints Steve Jackson’s mini-games Melee and Wizard (1977/1978!) These simple skirmish-like rules get turned into a full #TTRPG with In The Labyrinth (1980!) It’s as different from D&D as RuneQuest was. That’s my kind of OSR!

I finally watched the first two episodes of Utopia and wow, I really love it. I have no idea where it’s going, and when I know where it’s going it’s much worse than I thought. I like that!

The poster for series one of the UK show "Utopia"
Arby and Lee point a gun at the viewer
Arby and Lee torture Wilson Wilson with a spoon

In last week’s #RuneQuest #Glorantha game, the adventurers ran into a swarm of Rubble Runners. It occurred to them that they had never seen baby Rubble Runners. Then it occurred to them that Rubble Runners *are* the babies. And then they met the mom! #ttrpg

If you have backed the HarnWorld hardcover Kickstarter, you should have gotten the PDF version by now and noticed that some articles have gotten longer. You can find details about those changes here on the Lythia forums. #ttrpg #harn

I did some cleaning this weekend… remember when this was all the rage?

Two “Extreme Programming” books
The books “Getting Things Done” and “Agile Software Development with Scrum”

It’s spring. You know what this means: the rhubarb pie posts are coming back!

I have finally seen Zardoz. Holy shit. I was expecting something weird but nothing prepared me for what I saw.

The switch from “the kids order from the kids menu” to “the kids order lobsters and 400g steaks and multiple rolls of sushi” has happened so fast…