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The Sharp Objects miniseries was really good! But holy shit, the post credits scenes after the last episode are something else.

Woohoo Swords of the Serpentine arrived in western Canada! βš”οΈ 🐍 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦





Woo hey, I don’t know when it happened but my #RuneQuest #ttrpg adventure “Bog Struggles” is now Silver Best Seller! If you like spirit-world body horror and cute newtlings, this one’s for you!

The main reason I prefer Dungeon Crawl Classics to Old School Essentials is… that really I have no fucking idea which OSE rulebook is the “main” rulebook. I’m not sure they even have a single main rulebook. Just a bunch of tomes with a random subset of rules inside.