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Here are some of my coding projects:

  • PieCrust: a fast and powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
  • Wikked: a wonderful Git/Hg-based wiki engine.
  • Gutentags: a tags file management plugin for Vim.
  • Lawrencium: a Mercurial plugin for Vim.

You can find more projects of mine on BOLT80, my coding portfolio.


To get in touch, toots or emails are best (depending on the length of message). Here is a more exhaustive list:

My code is on Github and Sourcehut.

Latest Articles

I post articles infrequently on The Stochastic Game, my personal blog. Here are the most recent entries:

The cult of Obsidian

This article from Fast Company has a bit of a click-baity title (I don’t know if Obsidian users are really “obsessed” with a piece of software), but it’s a pretty good round-up of why I really like Obsidian. I actually wouldn’t even describe my own usage of Obsidian as a “note-taking app”, and more as […]

Review: 40th Anniversary HarnWorld Hardcover

Columbia Games usually runs simple, straight-to-the-point, and fast-shipping Kickstarters. This latest one wasn’t any different: the 40th Anniversary HarnWorld hardcover showed up on my doorstep last week, a few months after it was successfully funded. Let’s have a look!

A Tribute To Great Chocolate

I love chocolate. I wish more people talked about chocolate the way many talk about beers or coffee. I wish more coffee shops and restaurants and social gatherings offered hot chocolate. I wish there was more good chocolate being consumed by everyone out there! Thankfully, my own home is well stocked, in big part thanks […]

Dealing with Metaplots in TTRPGs

“Metaplot” is often a dirty word around TTRPG players, and I just don’t understand this negative attitude. Here are some ways to deal with them (the metaplots, not the players with a negative attitude), all of which I’ve done to some degree or another except the last option.

Some Notes on Blades in the Dark

Last year my Friday-evening group played a short campaign of Blades in the Dark (BitD), so I figured I’d share some notes about it — mostly the bits that we did wrong or that I didn’t like, with some actionable recommendations that will hopefully improve your experience should you play BitD yourself. We played weekly […]

Lore, Tropes, and Goals: The Problem with New Settings

There’s this preconception in roleplaying circles that game settings are easy to get into if they have a book or movie about them. Middle Earth is “easy to grasp”, people say, because you “just” need to read a couple of (overly long) books, or watch a couple of (overly long) movies. But I was watching […]

Crunch in Roleplaying Games

The last episode of Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff had a great little segment on crunch, and what it means especially when it is, in practice, vastly left unused. I didn’t really agree with Robin’s theory on self-identification as “someone who plays crunchy games”, but I was definitely behind Ken’s take about the option […]


Latest Microblogging

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Translink should change the fare gates sounds to be some nice xylophone note, each gate harmonized with the next, and they would change the chord every week for different moods

Rosemary Rocksalt: Vancouver’s smelliest bagels! If you know, you know.

Non-Fungible Trident just dropped. I own it. You can’t have it, because it’s mine! I’ve got proof!

A D&D-type item called "Non-Fungible Trident" that gives several combat and magic abilities, but that you can never actually use because all you have is a "proof of ownership" painting. Plus, others can make a DC 10 tool check to copy that painting :D