Ludovic Chabant


Here are some of my coding projects:

  • PieCrust: a fast and powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
  • Wikked: a wonderful Git/Hg-based wiki engine.
  • Gutentags: a tags file management plugin for Vim.
  • Lawrencium: a Mercurial plugin for Vim.

You can find more projects of mine on BOLT80, my coding portfolio.


To get in touch, toots or emails are best (depending on the length of message).

I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. My code is on Github and Sourcehut.

Latest Microblogging

Finished binge-watching both the UK and US versions of the Office. Interesting how the US Office quickly goes from an awkward remake to being its own thing. What really works is that they make it an ensemble cast show instead of keeping to the same 4 characters.

Oh sorry son, you thought you were going to a “sailing camp”? No no no you’re going to a “ceiling camp”. Learn about the basics of home renovation. Here’s your ladder, here’s a paint bucket and a brush, have fun, love you!

Some nice looking Vaesen books turned up at the door! I should throw some salt over my shoulder and ring the bell or something.