Ludovic Chabant


Here are some of my coding projects:

  • PieCrust: a fast and powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
  • Wikked: a wonderful Git/Hg-based wiki engine.
  • Gutentags: a tags file management plugin for Vim.
  • Lawrencium: a Mercurial plugin for Vim.

You can find more projects of mine on BOLT80, my coding portfolio.


To get in touch, toots or emails are best (depending on the length of message).

I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. My code is on Github and Bitbucket.

Latest Microblogging

“I grew up a Black girl in Alberta without ever hearing of Amber Valley. How does history go missing?”

This is a laudable move from Epicurious but frankly all of these initiatives, all of our personal choices to reduce or eliminate meat, they’re not going to accomplish much. Only government regulation will.

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