Ludovic Chabant


Here are some of my coding projects:

  • PieCrust: a fast and powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
  • Wikked: a wonderful Git/Hg-based wiki engine.
  • Gutentags: a tags file management plugin for Vim.
  • Lawrencium: a Mercurial plugin for Vim.

You can find more projects of mine on BOLT80, my coding portfolio.


To get in touch, toots or emails are best (depending on the length of message). Here is a more exhaustive list:

My code is on Github and Sourcehut.

Latest Articles

I post articles infrequently on The Stochastic Game, my personal blog. Here are the most recent entries:

“Role-Playing Games Do Not Emulate Genres”

Travis Miller wrote this interesting article on his Grumpy Wizard blog about “genre emulation” in TTRPGs. He basically argues that games don’t “emulate” a genre as much as they are part of that genre: To “emulate” is to imitate, simulate, or copy a thing without being the thing itself. If you are running a game […]

Review: Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground

I didn’t really expect to be interested in this book. “Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground”, by Stu Horvath (of the Vintage RPG podcast, among other things), is a book that looks at the history of tabletop roleplaying games “from D&D to Mothership”, as it says on the cover. It’s not that I’m uninterested […]

This Fancy Vacuum Cleaner Was A Mistake

Our old vacuum cleaner died. We got a new one that’s better for our hardwood floors, and it comes with a fancy laser that lets you see what you’re picking up. It was a mistake. I mean, it works exactly as advertised, and you can indeed clearly see where you’ve already vacuumed, and where you […]

“Sandbox” And “Railroad” Are Not Opposites

It’s always fun to catch up with online TTRPG discussions because every week or so there’s a hot debate taking my feed by storm. Most of the time I don’t know where it comes from, but this week’s was on topic for which I already had an old post draft, so I figured I would […]

Jaquaysing with an S

In my recent post about the passing of Jennell Jaquays, I mentioned how “Jaquaying the dungeon” had become fairly common parlance to refer to Jennell’s innovative dungeon design from the early 1980s. While researching/fact-checking that, I had found that Justin Alexander (who coined the term) had recently changed the term to “Xandering”. That new term […]


Latest Microblogging

Here's my microblogging feed, published on my blog, and syndicated to Twitter and Mastodon:

This summer is too hot, so it’s time for some nice refreshing clafoutis!

The new ThunderVolt ride in Playland is short but pretty awesome. The 1.3G launch is amazingly fast. POV videos don’t do it justice…

“Oh wow did you see what happened yesterday? Very sad”

“You mean the Trump a…”


(Yes, Charmed was one of my guilty pleasures back in engineering school)