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Having a dog means potentially doing a 2 hour hike with a bag of dog diarrhea at your belt

I enjoyed the Barbie movie but originally found its message to be pretty ham-fisted (beyond the shock of a movie about Mattel dolls even having a message to begin with). But this excellent video essay points at Barbie actually being too subtle for some… plus lots of other good and insightful stuff.

To all the people pronouncing “GIF” with a hard “G” because it stands for “Graphical”: I wish you good luck for pronouncing “LASER”.

Since last time I looked at personal finance software years ago, it looks like they all migrated their handling of banking credentials to something called “Plaid” which asks for your bank password, phone number, and date of birth and I’m like NO FUCKING WAY

Last week the #UE5 Sequencer dev team had our first real gathering in California, including a hike up Hill 88 on Friday! We’ve been working together daily for the past 5+ years and some of us met for the first time 😅 #gamedev

The diversity of people and bodies in the Apple Fitness app is really good — hats off to whoever is responsible for that!