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Ramblings of General Geekery

The CW’s Superman & Lois will end with Season 4. That show was surprisingly good, better than it had any right to be. I loved the Arrowverse’s goofy & cheesy series, but that one took the risk of being dramatic and mostly succeeded.

Comixology was a great digital comics app, and of course it went downhill fast when Amazon bought them off. Now it’s dead. What a sad state of affairs. What’s good for digital comics these days?

It’s funny to see Apple pundits oppose the EU’s mandate on interoperable messaging because of the “impossibility” of distributed encryption authority when TLS, GPG, and other such technologies exist.

I finished the Pendragon #TTRPG solo quest (from the Starter Set) and reached out to my Arthurian Companion to look up a few figures. Unsurprisingly, both Sir Ector and Kay are in there!