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Speaking of the Bitmap Brothers, I’m such a fan that I also have this art print in my dining room:

A Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe art print, showing a member of the Revolver team in full gear holding a ball.

Reminder: if you’re a big Bitmap Brothers fan like me, there’s a wonderful book for you called “The Bitmap Brothers: Universe”, published by Read Only Memory, with cool facts, interviews, photos, and more! Can’t recommend this book enough.

The fluffy good boy found a new ball at the park a few days ago. He’s very happy about this ball.

A good boy golden retriever with his ChuckIt! ball on the ground, and a new sort of law golf ball or something in his mouth

The fluffy good boy is tired. He’s taking a nap. Do like the good boy: don’t hesitate to take a nap if you feel like it!

A good boy golden retriever lying on the living room's hardwood floor, looking very tired.

American Apple bloggers are calling 3rd party app stores laws from the EU & Japan hypocrite because they don’t include video game consoles… When I do my email, work, banking, and payments on a PS5, you can bet I’ll support government regulation in that space. Until then, I find this is really grasping at straws to defend corporations that don’t need defending.