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Funk is the only self-descriptive genre in music: it’s only really funk if someone is saying “funk” somewhere around the chorus.

I historically had near-zero interest and knowledge of Warhammer 40k, but this whole thing about a new female Custodian character made me look into it just so I could better laugh at all the morons complaining about it. Man, 40k lore is cool but fucked up.

That’s a hell of a sentence, here, Mrs Muir. No wonder 2000+ people highlighted it. And yes, this book is half written as a second-person narrative, which is a very interesting choice that works super well in this case.

Half a page from "Harrow the Ninth" by Tamsyn Muir. It's the second book in the Locked Tomb series. The highlighted sentence reads:

"You didn't have your original thumb and I'd touched your intestines, which is usually what, fourth date, but you were fine."

It’s so funny to me that one of the #TTRPG arguments against fudging rolls is you should instead fudge rolling. That is: pick whether to roll and take that result, or not roll and choose the outcome. As if there was some big cosmic moral difference between the two 😂

Fede Alvarez is a solid director and I’m cautiously optimistic about this upcoming Alien movie… I’m only disappointed because I thought “Alien: Romulus” would be set in early Roman times, you know, with the sort of transposition they did with “Prey” for the Predator franchise. Oh well!