The Stochastic Game

Ramblings of General Geekery

“Watcher” (2022) Another movie with a great atmosphere. Rear Window meets Lost In Translation with a big dose of creepiness and female anxiety. Good acting. Looking forward to more stuff from Chloe Okuno!

Oh hey I hadn’t noticed that Liquid Tension Experiment released a third album! And it has a prog-metal cover of Rhapsody in Blue! 🤩🤯

Writing a RuneQuest scenario about Gloranthan werewolves at night in a park where coyotes live is how you find inspiration right? #ttrpg

“Sound of my Voice” (2011): great atmosphere but the characters don’t do much and IMHO there is little ambiguity about Maggie. In a similar theme (but vastly different style) I preferred “Faults” (2014)