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If you see me in a parked car, drumming energetically on the wheel, it’s probably because Goodbye Stranger started playing when I parked and I just can’t turn it off mid-song and walk away.

Zelda, dying forever in the castle: “You’re ready to defeat Ganon! My life is in your hands!“ Hyrule people, under the thumb of Ganon’s creatures: “You’re ready to defeat Ganon! Go save us!” Me: "Nah, I like running around and cooking mushrooms, lol”

There's no such thing

I once watched my (teenage) niece playing Magic Tiles 3 on her tablet. It’s a free musical game that’s pretty fun, but it has lots of marketing videos interrupting gameplay all the time. Since one of my kids wanted to play it, I ask her if there’s a purchasable version, or another similar game that I can buy and that wouldn’t have the annoying ads.

She looks at me, slightly confused. “I don’t know about any game that doesn’t have ads. There’s no such thing, I think”.

So yeah, that’s what you’re up against, game developers.