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9 Things Learned While Building Frostbite's Cinematics Tools

My GDC talk for this year, “9 Things Learned While Building Frostbite’s Cinematics Tools”, is up on the GDC Vault! Sadly it’s not in the free offering, it seems.

Me, talking about stuff

Just like last year, this was part of the Tools Tutorial Day, a full day track focused on tools programming, organized by the fine folks at The Toolsmiths (sign up for the Toolsmiths Slack!).

I hope you find something interesting in this talk!

I’ve been waiting for a good successor to Aliens vs Predator for a long time, and since I loved playing as the Alien, this new Darkborn game almost looked like it! But, sadly: no wall crawling :(

The past 2 days we had Terminal City Tabletop Convention here and I played 3 RPG games! It had been a long time since I played instead of GMing and it’s nice to just have to show up and not prepare anything 😋

I’m not sure what “boutique hotel” means but I’m pretty sure it means “badly designed”.