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We are almost done binge-watching the MCU movies with the 12yo, and after Infinity War I told him I would give him the full experience by waiting one year before showing Endgame…. He… was not amused 😝

I hadn’t seen this nice “making of” documentary before… if you love “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” even a 10th of how I love it, you’ll get a kick of some of those production anecdotes:

I found a local producer who makes a delightful rhubarb jam. I’m happy.


Overheard at home: “I know what it means to ‘calm down’, but what does it mean to ‘calm up’?”

This is a laudable move from Epicurious but frankly all of these initiatives, all of our personal choices to reduce or eliminate meat, they’re not going to accomplish much. Only government regulation will.

RPGs and Fighting Fantasy Books

When Bud (of Bud’s RPG Review fame) did his RPG DNA on Twitter, it featured something not quite like a traditional RPG: Fighting Fantasy books. I remember going “huh” when he mentioned this in his “First, Last, and Everything” in the Grognard Files podcast #41, because Fighting Fantasy books were also a big part of my early gaming life. I can’t remember exactly if they came before or after The Dark Eye (more here), but of all these adventure books, one is forever etched in my memory: “Le Manoir de l’Enfer”, a.

The Roku Remote

From The Verge: In a sign of how far Apple is willing to go to continue raising the profile of Apple TV Plus, the company has worked out a deal with Roku that will give the streaming video service its own shortcut button. This is the first time a branded Apple TV Plus button has appeared on any remote control. I’ve been a Roku user for years, dating back to when their devices were basically shitty under-powered little pieces of cheap plastic with a laggy interface (the current models in comparison are good, decently smooth-going, and get the job done).

The “New World” edition of @TheRPGLibrarian’s RPG Bookclub has been moved to the 24th because I’m a dumbass and the previous week-end conflicted with @theGROGNARDfile’s Virtual Grogmeet 2021! Apologies for the change. PM me for details!