Ramblings of General Geekery

“Orphan” was way more fun and creepy than I thought from its synopsis. Excellent lead child actress performance and a few other solid roles. Nicely executed climax, although it’s missing a denouement. Get a big snack and enjoy.


“Come True” was pretty interesting, but sadly the cool ideas and questions raised in the middle of the story fall flat with the lame ending. Still worth watching though.


Ugh, I’m still hearing clever people talk about how in the future you’ll be able to “buy an NFT magic sword and use it in Unity and Unreal games and everywhere in the metaverse”. What the fuck.


Every time I hear people mention that the pioneering MMO “Habitat” coined the term “avatar”, I picture Richard Garriott turning over in his medieval mansion bed

Watched The Batman yesterday: I liked the “Year Zero” approach of it, with surprisingly “DIY” sort of bat-gadgets. Plus: an actual “Batman is a detective” story!