Ramblings of General Geekery

Fastmail’s New Logo

Fastmail just announced a few things:

  • A set of values that basically formalize the reasons I’ve been a customer for years: I’m their client, email is their primary business, and they care about web standards.
  • A new logo, with the matching colour revamp across their website, and the new capitalization of their name into “Fastmail” (lowercase “m”).

I really like the new colours, font, and tweaked name – they’re all improving upon the old design while still making it all look familiar. Of course, new logos are always divisive at best, so I see a lot of “love it/hate it” on Twitter right now.

I personally like the new logo but I’m very confused by the lack of colour fill on the envelope’s top part – negative space doesn’t work for me in this case. As a result, it looks to me more like some kind of paper hat or something. Oh well, it’s not like you ever see the logo when you use their web UI (except for the favicon), let alone when you use a client app with IMAP.

Heh, apparently if you try to move a directory on Windows and it happens to contain a symlink directory with a non existing target, the move file dialog will just hang indefinitely.

The best part of a staycation is baking some rhubarb pie 🥧 No frills, no fancy, and not too much sugar because that sour taste is everything!

You have a meeting in 1min and you need to operate some foreign vidcon equipment. Choose wisely.

I survived my first day at the new job. Let’s see if I can do another one!

Well that’s it, my last day at EA on the Frostbite team. I’m saying goodbye to this awesome giant screen. And also to my nice colleagues. But mostly the screen 😅