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Article drafts in PieCrust

A common feature of a blog engine is to let the user work on an article for a while before actually publishing it. Thanks to pagination filtering, it’s pretty easy to do in PieCrust.

All you have to do is add the following to your blog’s home page’s configuration header:

        has_tags: draft

This will skip any post that has the draft tag.

You will probably need to add some similar filtering to other pages such as the _tag or _category pages.

Edit: as Keilaron mentioned in the comment, you can’t modify the filters on a tag or category listing page, because their filters are preset to, well, filtering posts with a specific tag or category. This means that, unfortunately, you should not actually tag/categorize your drafts.

Edit 2: as of PieCrust 1.0, it’s possible to use a posts_filters on the _tag or _category pages, so it’s all good!