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Fresh PieCrust available

I just pushed version 0.1.2 of PieCrust, the lovely static website generator that powers this blog, and most of my other websites.

Pie, anyone?

Yep, the version was bumped from 0.0.4 to 0.1.2. The main reason is that I very heavily refactored the code to make it a lot more readable and maintanable. This also means a whole new batch of bugs are lurking in the dark!

The main change for users is that there’s no _chef directory anymore. It’s all a lot cleaner, with everything living in _piecrust. Just be sure to delete your old directories before getting the new ones, so you don’t have old junk lying around. This also means that you need to (slightly) change your bootstraping code for running PieCrust. If you didn’t customize anything, you can just grab the new index.php from the sample website and overwrite your own. If not, you may want to check out the updated documentation on PieCrust bootstraping.

Among the new features, you’ll find:

If you want to see what’s planned in the future, there’s also a brand new public
Trello project board

Finally, check out the slightly redesigned and reorganized PieCrust website!