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I’m browsing the FreeLeague website, trying to tell myself that I don’t need any more RPG books right now… when there’s a knock on the door and I get this from the postman. Oh well. 😋

Latest old RPG acquisitions! Including one with a surprising name on the cover!

Is there a name for the dissonance between the art styles you wish you could do, and the ones you end up doing? Like, besides “shit, I suck so bad, I gotta practice 10 more years”?

I’m happy to have finally tracked down the last couple Cyberpunk 2020 books I had as a kid. Particularly dear to my heart is Solo Of Fortune, with its live action photos and in-world writing style!

When the pandemic hit, the movie poster for “Cats” was the one sitting atop the local mall cinema… so we’ve had this “Cats” poster there for the past 6 months. Kind of appropriate for the times. 🐱😅