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I already had the Dreamlands one in French, but I recently grabbed both in English (they had a decent price on eBay!) For a long time it was my only systemless RPG supplement and I loved how that, with its weird illustrations, set it apart!

Harn’s Kingdom of Kaldor in hardback! The printing quality is top notch and the paper smells good. I love this kind of detailed material, and the maps are always awesome.

We have just watched Back To The Future 2 with the oldest kid and it still rules! I absolutely love the trilogy unconditionally. The shot where Marty comes running back in 1955 as Doc just sent him away is sooooo goood

I don’t get to play hexcrawls very much at all but I love to open some page at random and get some cool idea for my ongoing game, whatever it is!

Weirdness double whammy! I have only skimmed those two but I like what I’m seeing…