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Weren’t people asking for the Snyder cut the same people who liked the Snyder DCU movies in the first place? Those of us who didn’t like ANY of those movies won’t change our minds… but hey I hope it brings you closure. Just do it… you know… over there?

This ominous tone finally showed up, even after various secret forces tried to deny me its possession… #deltagreen #ttrpg

I now have some coins to pay these damn Lunar tax collectors! #glorantha #ttrpg

I watched The Old Guard on Netflix last night and was pleasantly surprised by how close it stayed to the original comicbook… and when the credits rolled I realized Greg Rucka wrote the screenplay 😊 I’m really hoping to see it picked up for a sequel or a short series.

The D&D poll that WotC released yesterday has zero questions about any other games we play. So apparently they either assume D&D players only play D&D, or they just don’t care. That does not reflect well on WotC in my opinion