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Given the “D&D players who only play D&D” stereotype, I find it very ironic that my kid, who’s playing in some D&D-like Fortnite game mode, refuses to try a more “proper” RPG game like Baldur’s Gate or whatever I suggest. “It’s good enough for me in Fortnite”, he tells me 😆

Nice, the guy at the computer store recognized my GORUCK backpack. I guess we’re some kind of secret cult or something?

It just occurred to me that I’ve been working on Unreal Engine for about a year now… Oh my, how time flies!

The regular dentist visit is back on track in a few weeks. You know what it means: the season of flossing has started again!

Oh I think I missed this: Netflix is making an “Old Guard” movie! I’m not totally sold on it based on the trailer, but hey, that’s money going to the creators, so it’s all good