Ramblings of General Geekery

Kickstartled: when you receive a big Kickstarter package that you forgot was finally coming, and it’s much bigger than you expected. For example:

Signed up to run two games at ChaosiumCon… but now that the schedule is up, seeing all these cool game ideas makes me think my scenarios are lame! Ok time for some pick-me-up chocolate! 🍫😋

I received my French RuneQuest Glorantha books! Lots of cool exclusive and tweaked stuff in there (but note that only the Dundealos campaign book is new material). Congrats and thanks to Studio Deadcrows!

We watched Holy Grail with the kids (10 and 12) two weeks ago, and one of them is still quoting it randomly almost daily. So I guess I proved that annoying Monty Python referencing occurs naturally in 50% of viewers. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

I really need to figure out a good process for going from sketch to painting. I’m just fumbling around with brushes and screaming in my head until the piece looks half as good as the sketch was.

Is Leng in Tibet, or the Dreamlands, or what? Nah, Leng is where the heart is.

By the way please don’t touch the heart. It’s still wet.

Very sad to see a bunch of idiots on the Willingdon ave highway bridge with Canadian flags and “mandate freedom” signs. Good thing is that there were only like two dozens of them, but still…

It looks like everybody received it weeks ago, but the Fellowship finally made it to western Canada!