Ramblings of General Geekery

Catching up with CodePlex

For some reason, for the last year or so, I received occasional notifications about forum posts on my .NET projects over at CodePlex, but never anything about new issues being reported… well, I recently had a look at the issue tracker and found, horrified, that I had dozens of issues that had been sitting there for several months, untouched. Sorry about that. I guess the lessons are:

  • For me: check the notification settings on any code hosting website.
  • For CodePlex: maybe you guys could add the current number of open issues next to the “Issue Tracker” link in the navigation menu, just like what GitHub and BitBucket do.

Anyway, most of the bugs and feature requests were easy enough, and in a couple days I solved most of them (only 1 got rejected). This included mostly Textile.NET and IronCow. To celebrate this, I also got Textile.NET migrated to a Mercurial source control.