Ramblings of General Geekery

Abandoning Remember The Milk

The milkify.com domain recently expired, and I didn’t really feel like renewing it. If you look at the (absence of) recent commits in either IronCow or Milkify, it’s easy to understand why: I’m not really working on those projects anymore. And that’s because I’m not using Remember The Milk anymore either.

To be fair, IronCow is pretty stable already – most of the latest changes were configuration management stuff and upgrades to Visual Studio 2010 – so it’s still usable. I’ll be available for bug fixes, of course, but if the guys at Remember The Milk add new features, I would probably not know about it and it wouldn’t be ported to IronCow unless somebody forks the project and submits a patch.

Milkify, however, won’t see any improvements unless somebody picks it up. It’s just not worth it to work on a tool I’m not using myself.

This means I get more time to focus on my new home projects like PieCrust and a couple of other bigger ones in progress.