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More than 15 years ago we left France in part because we saw a future in which the far-right became the leading party. It actually took ~5 years longer than we expected but it’s happening now. Interestingly, though, Macron’s weird strategy may buy us more time before a far-right president… we’ll see.

Avoiding Playing Law Enforcement in Delta Green

I recently answered a question on Discord about Delta Green1 and since I had seen that question a couple times before I figured I would post (and heavily edit and expand) my answer here for posterity2. The question generally takes the following form:

Playing a character that’s a member of US Federal Agencies such as the FBI or the CIA raises many problematic aspects because of <insert reason here>. Is it possible to play Delta Green while also avoiding this?

This is a totally fair question as far as I’m concerned. There are indeed several good reasons to not want to portray a member of an American (or many other countries’) Law Enforcement organization as the hero of your story. But fear not! Well, I mean, do fear, this is Delta Green after all, but yes, I’ve got some hopefully helpful advice for you.

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It’s mind-blowing to me that US tech bloggers really believe that Apple isn’t releasing stuff like “screen-sharing to your Mac” in the EU because “the DMA created uncertainty”. Come on, there are many precedents that Apple can be a petty, vindictive corporation, and this is clearly another example.