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The Unreal Engine Cinematics Team has Job Openings

My team at Epic Games is looking for a software engineer! We are the Cinematics team inside the Unreal Engine team, and we develop, among other things, the Sequencer tool.

The job posting is available here. You can apply directly from that web page. You can also ping me directly at ludovic.chabant@epicgames.com if you have questions, or just to tell me that you’ve applied!

A few notes about the job posting:

  • We are currently spread across North Carolina, California, and British Columbia. In fact, there are two variants of this job posting, one for California, and one for British Columbia. I have no idea if there’s a difference between all three postings.
  • Some of us are fully remote, so there’s a good chance you can work remotely too if you want.
  • Our team is about 5 software engineers, plus a few other people (product manager, QA, technical writer, etc.)
  • For those of you with imposter syndrome, remember that the “What we’re looking for” section isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you need to be! If you only check a couple of items only that’s fine too. But all items are very indicative of the stuff we do.

A few other personal notes:

  • You get to work on the leading game engine out there, which not only makes it possible for all game designers around the world to make cool stuff, but also benefits visual effects in TV series and movies, building architecture, car manufacturing, and more. It’s pretty cool when you think about it!
  • We have quite poor diversity and representation in our team and the overall Unreal Engine team. Given the choice I’d love to prioritize non-dudes and/or minorities, but that’s not all up to me obviously. Also, it means you’d be one of the only <insert identity> around. I know, it sucks. We have to start somewhere I guess.
  • I think our team is pretty nice!

So check the job posting out and apply if you think it’s an interesting job to do!