Ramblings of General Geekery

You can tell when a store’s music playlist is curated by its own employees by the fact that the theme song to Serial Experiments Lain is playing when you come in… well either that, or an obscure British alt-rock song from 1998 suddenly became popular on Spotify or something.

Funk is the only self-descriptive genre in music: it’s only really funk if someone is saying “funk” somewhere around the chorus.

I historically had near-zero interest and knowledge of Warhammer 40k, but this whole thing about a new female Custodian character made me look into it just so I could better laugh at all the morons complaining about it. Man, 40k lore is cool but fucked up.

That’s a hell of a sentence, here, Mrs Muir. No wonder 2000+ people highlighted it. And yes, this book is half written as a second-person narrative, which is a very interesting choice that works super well in this case.

Half a page from "Harrow the Ninth" by Tamsyn Muir. It's the second book in the Locked Tomb series. The highlighted sentence reads:

"You didn't have your original thumb and I'd touched your intestines, which is usually what, fourth date, but you were fine."

It’s so funny to me that one of the #TTRPG arguments against fudging rolls is you should instead fudge rolling. That is: pick whether to roll and take that result, or not roll and choose the outcome. As if there was some big cosmic moral difference between the two 😂