Ramblings of General Geekery

I always like the look of that tree, but it was especially great looking last week under the snow.

A gloomy looking tree under the snow, in Byrne Creek, Burnaby, BC.

Amazing to learn about David Lynch’s plans for Dune 2. The wife & I think the original movie, despite its glaring flaws, still rivals with the new one and even exceeds it in places (btw, try and find the nearly 3h-long “Dune Alternate Edition Redux”! It’s well worth it!)

Hahahah Apple is effectively pulling a “Unity move” on iOS app developers. I never expected Tim Cook to lower himself to the level of Riccitiello. Hold on, I need to buy enough popcorn for a month. 🍿

Are you sure you need that many balls, buddy? (we only took one when leaving home… he found the other ones on the way)

A golden retriever with 3 balls: his usual orange "whistling" ball, and two tennis balls