Ramblings of General Geekery

Didn’t know anything about “Virus” (1999) and ended up loving its 90’s cheesiness, ridiculous (in a cool way!) premise, one-liners, and monsters. How these actors ended up here is beyond me but I should have brought more popcorn!

Virus (1999) movie poster
Jamie Lee Curtis holding a gun and a flashlight, looking for the, err, virus, I guess.
Donald Sutherland is somehow in this too. Go figure. But hey I'll take it.
One of the crew holding a weird machine monster thing. Those little critters are so cute!

“Hunter Hunter” (2020) is a slow burn thriller with an interesting convergence of plot lines. I liked it, but sadly the infamous ending was more shocking for making no narrative sense than for its contents. I would have loved a dark ironical ending instead.

The movie poster for Hunter Hunter, whose title should have actually been, like, Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter (you'll get it if you saw the movie)
Joseph is hunting.
Anne is checking for hunters.
Renee helps with hunting.

“The Devil’s Candy” (2015) was pretty fun, and an interesting case of a haunted house where the danger isn’t directly what’s haunting the house… bonus points: great actors (Pruitt Taylor Vince is here!), and metal soundtrack!