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The only way to think a Gamemaster can “cheat” is to think that they can “win”. And that’s obviously the wrong way to think about #TTRPG

My “amnesiac werewolves” adventure for RuneQuest is now with my editor. Next: my “Goonies in Glorantha” intro campaign, a Vaesen mystery with a naked violin player, a Delta Green case containing the word “soporinth”, and a Call of Cthulhu scenario set in BC,Canada #TTRPG #writing

JM DeFoggi and his family are having a rough year so you can help them a bit by contributing to this GoFundMe or, if you’ve been thinking about buying some of JM’s work like his BRP-inspired Bronze Age fantasy game “Jackals”, now’s the time!

Rolemaster has at least NINE different outcomes for a roll! Such a narrative #TTRPG! Much Story Now! Very modern!

Homer: “As he spoke, Patroclus put on his armour. Achilles ran his fingers across Patroclus’ queer ass.”

English translators: “CUIRASS! Achilles ran his fingers across Patroclus’ CUIRASS!”

“Call of Cthulhu has too many skills!”

Me: OK, sure, thankfully there are also minimal #TTRPG systems out there

“Mothership is a great simple system!”


I haven’t played Rolemaster since high school. I remember character creation and weapon attack/fumble/etc tables, but I have zero memory of initiative every round or (gasp!) tracking the percentage of time spent on actions. I think our GM hand-waved all that shit away? #TTRPG

Rolemaster can’t be THAT complicated if all the rules fit in less than 20 pages, right? RIGHT? #TTRPG