Ramblings of General Geekery

VanCAF was great once again! A very diverse bunch of creators & people, and some of my favourite comicbook authors. This year’s haul was pretty good!

A bunch of books including Laser Moose, Delilah Dirk, Bubble, One Year At Ellsmere, Am I Doing This Right?, and Some Days The Dragon Wins.

I’m not very interested in this Hunger Games prequel but I note two good things: 1. no fucking teaser of the trailer at the beginning, and 2. they nailed the look of “past Panem”, it’s one of the rare prequels that actually looks like it takes place before

By the way, my copy of the Sailor Moon #TTRPG was filled in with Ariel, a 9-and-a-half years old bishojo version of, like, Aquaman or something. Congrats to Vanessa, who even drew her character! I hope you got a chance to play her!

Some cool things in the Sailor Moon #TTRPG: a history of magical girl and shojo manga/anime, character sheets for the series’ protagonists, GM guidance that includes effectively doing a session zero, and advice for adapting different genders to the game!

The Sailor Moon #TTRPG and “Resource Book” is a 1998 game written by Mark MacKinnon, who isn’t a stranger to adapting anime to the table. It uses a 2D6 mechanic, point-buy character creation system, and walks the fine line between playing the TV series vs playing your own stuff.

The Dee Sanction is a great occult investigation game set in the Late Tudor period. These are supplements: a book of six short adventures, some new occult powers, and a “character journal”. Probably my next choice for an “interlude” game #ttrpg