Ramblings of General Geekery

We just watched Wargames, it’s 40 years old this year! The technology has aged tremendously (we had to explain rotary phones, modems, newspaper archives, and more to the kids!), but the movie is still a great techno-thriller. The ending still rocks!

Just played a game of The Quiet Year with the kid! We had giants, dinosaurs and monster ants, secret tunnels, obsidian weapons, exile, mysteries, and of course the Frost Shepherds!

Ok so the Mandalorians are the Humakti of the Star Wars universe, got it #ttrpg #glorantha

Next in Xena’s amazing season 2 is, basically, a “Miss Congeniality” episode… 3 years before that movie! And for the “everything is woke now” crowd: Xena befriends a trans contestant who proceeds to win the beauty pageant, and they kiss, making Gabrielle obviously jealous!

Continuing the Xena marathon, we now have “The Xena Scrolls”, an Indiana Jones spoof with Gabrielle in the hero role. The cast digs up bronze age artifacts that tell Xena’s story. Then it gets crazy. And then it gets even crazier.

This article on the sources used by ChatGPT has some nice visualization, plus a form with which you can check if your website is being used… and yes, my blog is used! In case you were wondering where the bullshit comes from.

It’s been a hectic week so tonight’s relaxation is brought to you by walking around the lake and occasionally stopping to write #ttrpg material

That time Xena impersonated the three Fates (repurposed as the ghosts of Solstice past, present, and future) to make a cold-hearted king change his ways, while Gabrielle tries to convince toymaker “Senticles” to make gifts for kids again. This is amazing.

Half-way through The Afterparty, a comedy murder mystery, and it’s very fun!