Ramblings of General Geekery

I’ve only just started reading the Mahabharata and there’s already crazy body horror with a blind woman giving birth to a giant pile of monstrous flesh which explodes in a hundred embryos that are later put in jars to gestate. This is wild!

The Marshall mini fridge is apparently a thing that exists, so of course my band’s guitar player wants one for our jam space…

Haha the commentators who said the first OGL was irrevocable are of course coming up with more commentary about the future of D&D and TTRPGs. Nope, sorry, not gonna listen again

I’m finally done with rewatching the Highlander TV series! Farewell Duncan, Ritchie, Joe, Methos, and of course Fitzcairn, the best of the many famous people cameos. I’m not done with Amanda since now I’ve started Highlander: The Raven (no high hopes here…)

I missed that the recent tech-industry layoffs also affected Comixology. What was once the best way to read digital comics keeps going down the drain… this is very sad. The state of digital comics is a mess.

I watched the Empty Man yesterday (I liked it, but thought the ending quite disappointing). When this note showed up on screen, I could totally see Ken and Robin nodding knowingly.