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Project Hot Tub: Remembering Some Cool Cancelled EA Game I Worked On

IGN has a very nice article and video about Project Hot Tub, which I worked on a bit as a Frostbite engine developer. I was part of the Frostbite cinematics team but at the time I was mostly working on the camera system (which got used on a couple projects like Anthem and one of the later Plants vs Zombie: Garden Warfare sequels… can’t remember which).

Hot Tub was gearing up to be a really fun game to work on. The kind of AAA-level game with a kid-friendly tone that you typically only find on Nintendo consoles. Remember when the most famous games were supposed to be fun, and not some gritty hyper realistic violence fest? Anyway, I was pretty sad when it got cancelled, especially given the circumstances outlined by IGN. This is the kind of stuff that happens in big corporations. Cheers to old friends who will probably get a bit nostalgic from seeing the game again.

By the way, you can see me and many other engine devs in the many shots IGN took from this Frostbite hiring/marketing video! Good times. I’m famous.