Ramblings of General Geekery

I haven’t found the rulebook yet but here is a sourcebook for In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas, a satirical and irreverent (if not childish) French game of angels and demons. Here are the stats (and some terrible flavour text) for Jesus!

And the worst quickening scene on the Highlander TV Series so far goes to… this one! Featuring a nice view of 1990s Vancouver!

One of the worst episodes of the Highlander TV Series must be “Pharaoh’s Daughter”, in which our hero finds a totally sane, totally English-speaking hot-looking immortal in a 3000 years old sarcophagus.

TFW you see a young Franck Dubosc (French comedian) as a knight in the Highlander TV series, of all places

Another acquisition from my youth: the French fantasy game Rêve de Dragon, with its high concept and weird ass system!

Made some pancakes while listening to a podcast. Didn’t pay attention and used two cups of sugar instead of two tablespoons of sugar. Hilarity ensues.

I love Harn but its main flaw is that if you’re going to read hundreds of pages of stuff about villages and castles and petty kings, you might as well read Western European history and play directly in Medieval Britain?

I didn’t like Everything Everywhere All At Once as much as I thought I would (I still liked it), but oooooh boy some scenes are absolutely brilliant aren’t they?

I need to start thinking about my Delta Green scenario for KamCon 2022… I ran it previously but it took two sessions and was missing a strong goal for the players besides “investigate this weird shit”. Time for draft number two!