Ramblings of General Geekery

The Covid-19 stats of bi-lingual countries where one of the cultures is French remind us that, well, French people are fucking stupid

Just watched The Goonies with the kids… let’s just say that this movie still has it!

Two eagles doing circles over the nearby lake… I guess we might have a little eagle family there 🦅

1Password Tricks

AgileBits has just released 1Password for Linux in beta, which is super nice! Up until now I had to use the web version, or the 1Password extension in Firefox, when I was on my Linux laptop. To celebrate this, I’m going to share my favourite 1Password trick, which AgileBits incidentally kinda-blogged about not too long ago.

One of the weakest spots in your personal security are the so-called “security questions” that websites force you to enter, and from which somebody can social-engineer their way through your account. Password managers let you store, well, passwords, but you can really store anything you want in there, so why not store stupid answers to those questions? Instead of writing a “real” answer, you can just generate a password, put it in the answer field, and store it in your password manager for later! Simple but effective.

I generally use the word generator in 1Password, instead of the random character string, because there’s a chance you have to speak that answer aloud to some phone operator in the future… “My mother’s maiden name? Why, yes, it’s ‘correct horse battery staple’, sir, thank you”.

I hope it helps!

Here’s my Chaosium autumn bundle, fresh from the friendly postman! I probably won’t get to the bottom row anytime soon, but I will definitely start reading the top row right away!

Haha, the Pendragon 6th edition QuickStart/preview includes one drawing of a woman knight somewhere on a page and there are a couple people getting angry and “worried” on the forums. I shouldn’t be surprised but still…

We watched Return Of The Jedi tonight with the kids and one of them named the ewoks “mini fluffy grizzly bears” but then changed it to “hamster Chewbaccas”, and I think that second one is a winner…

Well that’s it, I delivered my first (quite rough in places) draft of “The Parchments of Tam” for the Journal d’Indochine Kickstarter… 27k words of Mythos-infused spy thriller action in 1945 Hue!

Well, it looks like I don’t need to think too much about who to vote for in my district…