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And just like that, I’m probably now known by the postman as “that weird guy who receives a whole bunch of packages in his robe and PJs”

Text editor releases ‘Free Uyghur’ edition

It’s not the first time the developer of Notepad++ (which I use as a secondary editor behind vim) released a politically-charged version of the software… I remember getting a chuckle out of the “yellow jacket edition”, which referenced a series of French protests against the current French government.

I don’t remember any of the previous versions making the news, however, or attracting this kind of attention:

While the protest may have been innocuous enough, it hasn’t played out that way online. Since the announcement, the software’s GitHub “issues” page has been bombarded with spam, much of it in the Chinese language.

This made me also notice that the Notepad++ website has changed looks last month for the first time in 8 years. Looking good. Good luck to the developer.

Yesterday evening in the park: “I wonder what that big orange light is, up ahead”

After running around the corner: “oh right, it’s just Vancouver in the fall”

I should really write a literary tabletop roleplaying game called Ampersands & Alliterations