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My T-Shirt Collection

According to my wife, I have “too many t-shirts” (as if that was a thing). Turns out that’s far from accurate since I don’t even have a hundred t-shirt: I barely have 80 of them.

And I know that because I counted them when I made the important decision to switch from them all being folded on shelves to them being all on hangers.

While sorting through my t-shirts, I found a couple, ahem, “collector’s items” that I haven’t worn in decades… like one I got for 3dsmax 4’s release in 2000 back when Discreet was the publisher (remember when Autodesk didn’t own everything?), or the one I got with Wing Commander 3’s “premier” edition (which came in a replica of a 35mm film case, with a “Behind the Scenes” VHS tape!).

Anyway, along the way, I started collecting a few stats about my t-shirt collection and, well, this is my blog, so if I want to post completely useless graphs about the type of t-shirts I own, this is definitely the only place where I can do so without having to justify anything!

Without further ado, here it is:

The chart is organized by theme, so some t-shirts are sometimes counted multiple times – there’s no point adding the numbers together. A funny t-shirt about Cthulhu would be counted in “Funny” and “H.P. Lovecraft”.

Some more notes:

  • “Company/corporate” are generally t-shirts I got for free through work or some convention.
  • “Convention”, however, are some t-shirts that I bought at a convention and are about that convention (both t-shirts here are actually for VanCAF).
  • “School” are t-shirts I got at school (high-school or university). In most cases, I actually helped design those t-shirts!
  • The rest should be pretty self-explanatory.

Of course, these stats are going to get out of date pretty quickly since, now that I know I don’t have a hundred t-shirts yet, I might go a shopping spree. Don’t tell my wife…