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Mercurial on Sourcehut

The cat was never really in the bag, since all the conversations around this, and the code written for it, were all publicly availble on’s code hosting, developer mailing list, and IRC channel (#srht on Freenode), but I’m happy to, at last, officially say that I’ve been working on sourcehut for the past few months, adding support for Mercurial hosting.

You can find all the relevant details in Drew DeVault’s annoucement (Drew is the principal developer on sourcehut). There’s also the comment thread for more info.

I’d like to thank Drew for being supportive while I figured out how to do basically anything, and big thanks also to everybody who helped, including the fine folks on the Mercurial IRC channel.

We still have a whole bunch of bugs and performance issues to fix on, so make sure to ping us about them (on IRC, or the issue tracker), but it should already be a great experience for small to medium sized codebases, especially thanks to the excellent build service that sourcehut offers, and the unique features such as the mailing list service that comes out of the box.

I’m still in the process of converting my Travis CI build manifests over to sourcehut’s format, but you can expect most of my projects to show up on my profile in the next few weeks or so.