Ramblings of General Geekery

It’s a Good Time to be a Geek

News of movie or TV adaptations come and go all the time but today my io9 RSS
feed brought me a trio of titles that are directly related to my tastes:

Not only are those 3 opportunities for me to say things like “I liked it before
it was cool
” and “the original material is better”, but it’s also 3 things
that will bring some additional cash (hopefully) to the original authors whose
work I enjoyed.

These days, adaptations can often bring, at best, a lot of geek backlash, but
I find that even if I don’t like the adaptation, I’m happy that it’s bringing
attention to the original material, and money to the original authors. It’s
almost always good news in my book, except for the uncommon case where those
original authors get fucked for some reason.