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Piecrust 2.0 and Beyond

As is tradition, PieCrust 2.0 was released without much fanfare a few weeks ago. Just like with the previous version, it just happened because, well, nothing happened: I was using PieCrust for a couple other websites without any problem or need for new features, so I figured it might be as good a time as any to make it official.

Time to run pip install -U piecrust.

Since then of course I found a few bugs, so a 2.0.1 release is just around the corner, but that’s just business as usual.

What’s more interesting, first, is that I’ve been a bit quiet over here for the past couple months, and that’s because I was busy with my second hacking project from the holiday break (the first one of which was the recently announced Jouvence). Sadly it didn’t really pan out like I expected, so after working on it for a while I’ve now shelved it for the time being. These things happen.

The second thing is that I started work on PieCrust 3.0. It’s a mess right now but the goal there is to get rid of a bunch of cruft that accumulated over the years. As such, it will break backwards compatibility quite a lot (hence the major version bump) but I’m hopeful the result will be easier to use, easier to
maintain, and maybe even hopefully a bit faster.