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Piecrust 2.0rc1

PieCrust 2.0rc1 is now out! The last piece of the puzzle (or should I say the pie?), page generators, is now in place.

You can run pip install piecrust --pre -U to update from PyPi, or grab it from BitBucket or GitHub.

More details after the break.

Page generators

The big new feature in this release are page generators. They’re basically a generalization of the previous taxonomy feature, which used to let you define taxonomies (tags, categories, etc) to classify your pages, and then PieCrust would generate one page for each term that you use (e.g. each tag would get its own page).

But the concept of generating pages based on what’s in the “normal” pages is also useful for other things… for instance, blog archives – assuming you don’t want all your archives to be in one page, like you had to do before. Instead, you could have one page per year, for instance.

That’s exactly what PieCrust 2.0rc1 ships with – a yearly blog archive generator, in addition to the taxonomy system. By default, if you create a pages/_year.md page, it will start creating yearly archive pages based on it.

Page generators benefit from the same kind of parallelism and caching that all other page sources have during a bake, so it should be as fast as before.

For more information on page generators, see the new documentation page.


Other improvements in this release include bake performance improvements, fixes with the administration panel (FoodTruck), and various fixes.

For a full list of changes, you can actually see the new fancy online changelog.