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Wikked 0.6.5

This looks like a small update for Wikked but it’s kind of the reason this blog has been so quiet lately…

If you don’t want to hear about it, just know this:

If you want the full story, keep reading.

Back to the 90’s

I originally wrote Wikked as a single page app because, well, I wanted to have a little fun and learn something new. And it worked (I did have fun learning Javascript past the “copy JQuery snippets from the internet” phase), but it didn’t really work (it made testing and deploying unnecessarily harder). It could have also been argued that making this an SPA was overkill… at least, it did bother me a bit, since I tend to prefer simpler/old-school technologies.

Anyway, I embarked on a giant refactor of the code base to reimplement the front-end using a more classic architecture, and the last couple versions of Wikked are the result of this transition. You shouldn’t see anything new, besides a few less old bugs, a few new bugs, and an overall more stable

New documentation

In the process, I also got rid of the old documentation page I had on BOLT80, and made a proper versioned documentation website, just like with PieCrust. That website is part of the Wikked codebase so you can easily send patches for it… and of course, it’s made with PieCrust.

You can check it out at the same place as before on BOLT80. It’s still a work in progress design-wise – it’s meant to look similar to a Wikked-powered wiki, but it still lacks a bit of graphics and other stuff to make it look less sterile.

Next steps

As always after I spend a few months doing some giant task with the limited free time that I have, I need to get back to my other projects and reply to the various bug reports and pull requests I haven’t replied to in weeks. Then it’s back to business as usual, I hope… at least unless I get into another big refactor.