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Piecrust 0.6.0

I’ve been focusing a lot of my free time on PieCrust these days – to the point where my other projects are suffering from it – but I’m getting close to a possible 1.0 release, which is good! But in the meantime, here’s version 0.6.0, which is not very big but still has some goodness in it.

Rhubarb Apple Pie

You can go read the newly created CHANGELOG file for the whole list of changes, new features and bug fixes, but here are the most important ones, right after the break.

  • Twig and LessPHP have been updated to their latest version.
  • Added a chef prepare command to quickly create pages and posts files. For example, if you type chef prepare post my-new-whipped-cream-recipe, Chef will create a post file at the appropriate location (depending on your posts file-system setting) for the current date and time.
  • Added a wordcount Twig filter which does pretty much what the name says, although the count is likely to be off by a few words since the counting algorithm is extremely naive and is run before Markdown or Textile formatting. Still, I think it’s a good indicator of how long the article is – maybe I’ll revisit the algorithm if people express interest in a more accurate one (although it could quickly become complex if you consider internationalization).
  • Added a --nocache parameter to Chef if caching should be disabled for the current command.
  • Chef’s --debug parameter used to also kinda change how PieCrust is running. Not anymore: it’s now just changing the verbosity of Chef, just like --quiet.

Big thanks to the people who reported bugs and helped me fix them.