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Enabling Disqus’ developer mode

This is the second post of a series of things I learned while using PieCrust.

From the Disqus documentation:

[You can tell] the Disqus service that you are testing the system on an inaccessible website, e.g. secured staging server or a local environment. If disqus_developer is off or undefined, Disqus’ default behavior will be to attempt to read the location of your page and validate the URL. If unsuccessful, Disqus will not load. Use this variable to get around this restriction while you are testing on an inaccessible website.

Assuming you will be baking your final website, you basically want this disqus_developer variable to be enabled if you’re not baking (i.e. you let PieCrust server each page dynamically), or if you’re baking from the chef server. And because both the baker and the server define variables you can access from your templates and pages, you can write this:

{% if not baker.is_baking or server.is_hosting %}{{ disqus.dev() }}{% endif %}

That’s assuming you’re using the default template engine (Twig), and that you have a disqus.dev macro defined somewhere in your template paths with the following code:

{% macro dev() %}
<script type="text/javascript">
    var disqus_developer = 1;
{% endmacro %}