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Kid 1 suddenly decided to write his first DnD adventure. The cool thing is that he’s including goblins the players can negotiate with, a reason for the monsters to be there, and a non-combat resolution option

First time on the skytrain in months. Glad to see that everybody is wearing masks.

One of my kids is currently explaining his ideas for a perpetual motion electric generator that would exponentially generate more electricity.

The other one explained earlier how many holes is “too many holes” in a sock.

The kids are super into Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix so we made a fitness game while watching it:

Contestant starting: dumbbells reps! Point thruster triggered: crunches! Contestant finishing or falling: push-ups!


It’s wild that the Pathfinder 2e humble bundle was so successful that Paizo ran out of the core rule book and it’s not going to be back in stock until November…