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Current status: telling the kids to behave and do their homework, otherwise “we will have to get dressed and go outside get some exercise”

(cue children screams, scrambling for papers and pens)

My Traveller quarantine care package was delivered last week and, combined with the couple books I already had, I’m starting to have a decent space-opera gaming section on my shelves

Yesterday I decided to expand the quite linear WFRP Starter Set scenario we are playing into a more interesting intrigue. So I started mapping out NPCs/factions/plots (warning: some spoilers if you zoom in!). It kinda got a bit complicated…

Homemade whipped cream on dark hot chocolate is super awesome for breakfast!

Totally unrelated: I have a mild stomach ache and I’m fat. Not sure what to do about that. Oh well 🤷🏽‍♂️

Today I’m wearing a T-shirt that’s quite appropriate for the times