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Uses This

I’m super honoured to have recently been featured on the “Uses This” website! I don’t know how I ever ended up in such a cool place, given how most of the other people there are so talented, famous, or both, but hey, I’m there, so if you’re interested in my home and work setup, here you go!

Ah the good old days! Rolemaster is what got me into “crunchy” TTRPG systems back in high school! It’s fun to dig back into it…

Gamer Stats from White Dwarf in the 80s

Over at the ENWorld forums there’s a thread based on a tweet by TheDiceMechanic about an 80’s reader poll from White Dwarf, a very popular UK gaming magazine from back in the days. I totally love how the Judge Dredd RPG shows up in the top 5 most played games… so 80’s British! Also notable is that the Toon RPG is in the top 20… which is probably about right since I haven’t played that since high-school. Oh the good ol' days…