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A Tale of Three Data Schemas

Next week I’ll be at the Game Developers' Conference, along with a lot of people from the video game industry, and I’ll be giving my first presentation there, “A Tale of Three Data Schemas”.

A Tale of Three Data Schemas

I’m starting small for my first GDC contribution by presenting during the “pre-conference” days that half of the attendees skip. This year should be super interesting however since it will be a full day dedicated to the fine art of making game creation tools, courtesy of the fine folks at The Toolsmiths.

The good thing for my nerves is that my presentation ended up being the very first presentation of the very first day – surely when half the audience is low on caffeine and completely jet-lagged, nobody will notice whether I know what I’m talking about or not… and then I’m done for the rest of the week! Yay!

PieCrust 3.0

Last year I announced PieCrust 2.0 without much fanfare and, guess what, here comes PieCrust 3.0 now!

The funny thing is that I didn’t post much about PieCrust during that whole time… the joke about blog engines is that the more you work on them, the less you actually use them.


So as is tradition, I released the new version of PieCrust on the Python package server and immediately found a bunch of new bugs, which I proceeded to fix (we’re now at PieCrust 3.1.1)… I’m not very good at this whole thing, even after several years.

But either way, it’s out! You can run pip install piecrust -U and read the rest of this post if you want to know what’s new.

This release has breaking changes so make sure you read the upgrade notes this time around.