The Stochastic Game

Ramblings of General Geekery

I watched The Old Guard on Netflix last night and was pleasantly surprised by how close it stayed to the original comicbook… and when the credits rolled I realized Greg Rucka wrote the screenplay 😊 I’m really hoping to see it picked up for a sequel or a short series.

The D&D poll that WotC released yesterday has zero questions about any other games we play. So apparently they either assume D&D players only play D&D, or they just don’t care. That does not reflect well on WotC in my opinion

I’m browsing the FreeLeague website, trying to tell myself that I don’t need any more RPG books right now… when there’s a knock on the door and I get this from the postman. Oh well. 😋

Latest old RPG acquisitions! Including one with a surprising name on the cover!

Is there a name for the dissonance between the art styles you wish you could do, and the ones you end up doing? Like, besides “shit, I suck so bad, I gotta practice 10 more years”?