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When I’m done with your buddy here, you’re next, tasty little marzipan pig

Vimways Advent Blogging

Advent blogging, i.e. blogging about a specific subject every day between December 1st and December 24th, seems to be picking up steam quite a bit this year. In the previous years, FastMail was pretty much the only one in my feeds doing this but, ironically, as they stopped doing it this year, it’s been replaced by others like’s Manton Reece (although he’s only doing half of it) or Vimways.

Inspired by 24ways, another advent blog dating back a dozen years, Vimways is, as you might guess, about Vim!

I was flattered to have Gutentags, my little Vim plugin, mentioned in the 2nd entry of the blog, even if the Daniel Moch, the author, said he stopped using it a while ago. Since the various methods mentioned in the article are not all equivalent, I figured I would add some clarifications here.


Stockholm people! I’ll be in your beautiful city next week for the annual Frostbite DevDays, so ping me if you want to meet for fika or even just say hi!

Remembering Stan Lee

You might have heard by now that Stan Lee passed away (which, sadly, is another celebrity death that I care about).

The only time I saw him was at FanExpo Vancouver 2013. Here he is, signing my friend’s Spidey book. “Thank you very much for all the stories” my friend said. “Oh, you’re very welcome” Stan said.

Stan, the grampa

A bit later, all the Marvel cosplayers gathered for Stan, and for a minute he kinda looked like a nerdy version of Hugh Hefner.

Stan with the cosplayers

Farewell, Stan!