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    When Windows "just works": part 2 (the work around)

    Back in the first part of this 2-part post we looked in some detail at how MacOS mounts network shares, and how badly designed this feature is compared to its Windows counterpart. We’ll now look at the solution I’m using to fix the problem, which is to mount network shares in a consistent way for a multi-user machine. The work around Thanks to the power of UNIX, you can get around the problem by spending hours reading boring documentation, searching useless forums, editing obscure configuration files and generally speaking wasting your time for something Windows gets right in 2 clicks.

    When Windows "just works": part 1 (the problem)

    If you asked me a year ago what was the most awesome feature that Windows has and that MacOS doesn’t, I would have probably scratched my head for a bit, mentally sorting through all the obscure advanced things you can do with the Windows SDK and a few lines of code, or all the little things that make organizing files so much easier than with the horrible Mac Finder. But if you ask me now, I’ll reply straight away this: mapped network drives.

    Disable windows from resuming when opening your laptop’s lid

    One of my laptops is getting old and the lid is not as sturdy as it used to be. It now has the unwanted tendency of triggering a “laptop lid open” event when you barely touch it because the lid moves up a bit and back down. This is problematic because it wakes up the operating system, which doesn’t always detect that the lid was closed immediately. When you run an internet search about laptop lids and putting Windows on stand by or hibernate, you find a lot of stuff, but nothing useful about disabling resume.

    Got burned by Vista

    These, days, I'm back doing PHP stuff at home, and therefore had to install Apache. Of course, I could do PHP under IIS7, which would be easier, what with the nice administration interface and all, but I need to recreate the same environment as my hosting solution, complete with .htaccess and all that stuff. One of the first thing you need to do in this situation is to add an alias to your websites because they probably aren't located in the default documents root.