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    Wikked 0.8.1

    I recently published version 0.8 of Wikked, my plain-text-files/SCM-backed wiki engine, followed immediately by a quick little patch release. Grab it as usual with a pip install wikked -U! Although there are a few interesting new things in this release, the more important announcement here is the launch of the official website running itself on Wikked! Head over there now and tell me if anything looks broken! Keep reading if you want more information about all this.

    Wikked 0.6.5

    This looks like a small update for Wikked but it’s kind of the reason this blog has been so quiet lately… If you don’t want to hear about it, just know this: Wikked 0.6.5 is available on Pypi so just go and pip install wikked -U. You can of course grab it directly from Bitbucket or Github, depending on your preferred source control software. You can check out the new documentation website.

    Wikked Performance

    Since I announced Wikked here, I’ve been mostly working on fixing bugs, editing the documentation1, and evaluating its performance – which is what we’ll look at here today. The big question I wanted to answer was how far you can go with just the default configuration, which is based on SQLite and requires no setup from the user. The reason for this was twofold: I needed to write some advice in the documentation about when you should start looking into more sophisticated setups.

    Announcing Wikked

    There hasn’t been any updates on this blog for a few months, and there was a good reason for that: I was working on someting new. The problem is that I was trying to get this new project to a “good enough” state to launch publicly… but somehow I ended up in a seemingly infinite loop of improvements, refactorings, and bug fixing. Eventually I snapped out of it: fuck it, let’s launch it as is, and see if anybody cares enough to complain that it’s not good enough.