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    About unit testing Maya and MStatus macros

    Programmers in the video games and movies industry rarely write unit tests for all kinds of reasons and excuses, but every now and then, it happens. And it can get a bit complicated when you want to test a plug-in hosted by a 3rd party application like Autodesk’s Maya. Setting up the unit test project The good thing is, unlike most other 3d modeling packages, Maya comes with built in “batch” and “library” modes.

    IronCow and the design for testability

    IronCow is a library that wraps the Remember The Milk (RTM) web services. The “upper layer” of the IronCow API is an object model that stays in sync with the server and is designed with data binding in mind. Of course, one of the things that went into IronCow’s design was testability. IronCow ships with a suite of unit tests that, well, test that the API is working fine. However, there’s another testability aspect: how the clients of your API are going to test their stuff.