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    The state of Diaspora

    In the main article about the road to Diaspora, we looked at setting up our own pod to interact with the Diaspora federated community. Now we’re going to look at how that actually works. Or not. Because since I set up my pod a few weeks ago, I’ve had nothing but problems. The river of problems To give you an idea of how bad Diaspora is, even after a couple years of development, look no further than the bug tracker on their Github project page.

    The journey to Diaspora: setting up your own pod

    The first step in the journey to Diaspora is to get your own Diaspora server because, well, that’s the whole point of a distributed social network: you get to own your stuff (you could argue that, on the other hand, I’m not running my own email server, but, err, whatever, indulge me). Unfortunately, setting up a Diaspora pod is insanely convoluted and complex. After the jump, we’ll get into the meat of things and hopefully it will help you with the process (if you ever want to attempt it).

    The journey to Diaspora

    Recently, has gotten a lot of attention, but I just don’t see the appeal. It’s basically a Twitter clone that you have to pay, and all of this for what? So that the API is nicer to developers and you don’t see a couple of “promoted tweets” once in a while? It sounds like a very shallow goal for a supposedly “disruptive” communication platform. Sure it has some kind of grand plan to get us to the next level of connectedness through, err, innovative apps and mashups or something.